To achieve our mission to enriching our community through music. and support & empower local musicians to make a difference, Sound Bridge Music has developed three pillar programs: Community Outreach, Artist Support and Development & Live Music Events

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Connecting Sound Bridge member artists with community organizations  to bring the transformation effects of music to the populations they serve.  Examples include facilities serving the elderly, homeless, special needs individuals, at risk youth, the chronic & terminally ill to name a few. 

If your organization is interested in enhancing the lives of those that you serve through music, please Contact Us. In many instances, a program can be developed specifically for your needs, bringing the best artists for your needs at no cost to your organization. 


Supporting and promoting local artists is the key to keeping music a viable force for positive change in the lives of people in the Front Range.  Sound Bridge Music takes this responsibility very seriously. From it's well respected Featured Artist of the Month series to providing scholarships for Song School, Sound Bridge Music recognizes and values the contributions that artists, when given the opportunity, can make in the community,


We strive for a future in which musicians are valued for the work that they do and are compensated at a level which affords a sustainable living. 


The more we hear of our local musicians, the more we know, learn and appreciate. Sound Bridge Music  is committed to providing regular live community music events highlighting Front Range talent in venues conducive for active listening. Our objective is to bring the music of local artists from the background and into the spotlight. 

We are actively making plans for the 2019 concert season so be sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest,