SBM Podcast

Love podcasts? So do we! Sound Bridge Music's podcast features interviews of local artists and other special going's on, Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Member Artist Podcasts

The Songwriter Hour - by Kyle Donovan

The Songwriter Hour is an interview format podcasts performed and recorded with a live audience at Still Cellars in Longmont, in every month.  

 Check out several of the podcasts produced by Sound Bridge artists who not only share their talents, but provide a platform for other Front Range artists.  We live in such a special place!

Ando's Thinky Time - by Andy Eppler

Ando's Thinky Time is an interview style podcast on  music and a wide variety of other topics. 

SoundOn - by David Ford and Tim Ostdiek

David Ford and Tim Ostdiek host SoundOn, a podcast series featuring interviews with Front Range musicians.