Our Mission

Sound Bridge Music supports and empowers local musicians to make a difference, enriching our community through music.


Sound Bridge Music  is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation incorporated in 2017 in Longmont, Colorado.  The organization was founded as a grassroots effort to use the power of music to make a  positive difference in communities across the Front Range.  Harnessing the talents of local musicians, Sound Bridge Music connects artists with opportunities to bring music to those in need of the unique comfort, empowerment, healing and sense of belonging that only music can provide.  


Sound Bridge Music member artists are the heart of the organization, and the conduit for the positive impacts the organization strives to facilitate in the community.  The Sound Bridge Music approach hinges on the philosophy that music is a fundamental and under-recognized method for empowering human potential, and that the music provided by artists is not simply an ancillary facet  of the culture, but an essential element for the well-being of the greater community.   As a result Sound Bridge Music strives to make musicianship a financially viable and sustainable career path by supporting the professional development and promotion of Front Range musicians at all levels as they hone their skills, make critical connections and evolve in their musical journey.