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August Featured Artist

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Finding Phoenix

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The Story of Finding Phoenix

Phoenix: A mythical bird that burns itself on a funeral pyre and rises from the ashes to a new beginning to live through another cycle – Oxford Dictionary

As we go through life we have to consciously find ways to find our bliss. Sometimes that call is in a quiet whisper, and listening for your answers is incredibly difficult. For Dave and me, music is one of the whispers that we follow not only to find our bliss but also to find ourselves. It helps us believe that at any age, infinite possibilities can be found in each and every day and we can rise up from our own ashes… hence our name: Finding Phoenix. Music helps us tell the story of who we are and our journey. It does not define us, but has helped guide us when we’ve felt lost or blind.

Dave is happiest when he is playing his Martin. You can see him go into an almost hypnotic state when he is playing the songs that mean most to him. His whole body feels each note he plays. He puts his fingerstyle magic into every song I write and takes the most complex composition and creates simplistic joy to the ear. He does his best to honor his favorite fingerstyle musicians including Andy McKee, Trace Bundy, and Billy McLaughlin.

As for me, I am learning more fun bluesy folky covers each day, but my songs are my stories. My hope is the more that I share through my songs, the more I understand myself, and the more I can connect with others. I never want anyone to feel alone. If someone can hear my words and feel more connected to themselves, to me, or to others, then maybe I am bringing just a little more goodness into the world.

I hope you enjoy our music as much as we love to play it. On stage Dave and I are incredibly light hearted and find fun banter in the silly things we do.

- Amy

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